Connecting Point

Connecting Point contributor Carolee McGrath profiles local stories of people and places helping to raise the graduation rate.Carolee McGrath

 American Graduate Day 2015 - Enchanted Circle Theater
Mini-Documentary produced by WGBY
Gary Bernice
High School of Science and Technology

AnnMarie Flores
Holyoke High School


Franklin County Technical School

Mark Vasicek
West Springfield High School


Project Coach

  100 Mile Club - Brookings Elementary School

Brian Damboise (Commerce High School)
Springfield Freedom Writer Teachers

Coach Gary Mullins
Turners Fall Softball Team


As Schools Match Wits
Holyoke High School

Central High School
Kurn Hattin Homes Choir CLEAR - Westfield Autism Project
Holyoke High Cross Country Team Bellamy Middle School Mock Trial

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